It’s never too late to get that kid inside you out in the open – and outdoor activities are the best to unleash the fun part of you. So whenever you go out – camping, picnicking or anywhere else, don’t forget to revel and bask in all the fun you can have out there. Here are a few activities which will help you find child-like fun all over again!

Go hiking:
You need not start off with some high difficulty trail in the beginning –start off with something light and breezy, give yourself time to adjust with the new energized activity you have taken up. And I bet you’ll fall in love with hiking – it not only pushes yourself to do better but also keeps you super fit. And is there anything better than spending time in the arms of nature, walking through, letting all the cool breeze fly past you? Don’t overthink, just get your gear and get started!

Outdoor photography:
You may be an avid photographer or may wish to start off with photography – outdoor photography is perfect for all. You can sign up for photography clubs, where like-minded people set out to off-beat locations to capture what they love. So how about going along with a group of photographers on a jungle safari? Or to a bird sanctuary? Or to the backwaters of some known waterbody? You’ll love it if you try it!

Heritage walks:
If history, stories of brave warriors, palaces and their grandeur fascinates you, heritage walks are for you! Go exploring the by-lanes of your city or any other place –and attempt to relive the incidents that occurred there ages ago. Don’t leave your camera behind – you’ll require it! Get in touch with an authentic heritage club, so that you get real and original information when you visit such places.


Food walks:
Who said you could be an adult and not a big foodie? Yes, you can! And you can be one who loves exploring different cuisines, trying out what’s out there on the platter! And maybe you could even become a food photographer or blogger? What say? But to be one of the best among these, you have to start venturing outside and experimenting with food – I bet everyone will love this one!

So have you already decided how you’ll be spending the coming weekend?